got GPS ???

GPS Vehicle Locator


How does a GPS vehicle locator work?

A  receives specialized signals from satellites in orbit high above earth. The GPS device is then able to triangulate it’s position in relation to the satellites.

What information will a GPS vehicle location system provide?

GPS vehicle location systems are able to provide much more information than just location. The computer systems that support the GPS vehicle location devices, track the information over time, giving an incredible set of data about where the vehicle is, was, what direction and how fast it is traveling.  Most hardwired GPS vehicle tracking systems can even monitor and control vehicle functions like unlocking doors, disable a vehicle’s starter, ignition start / stop monitoring, watch for excessive idle times, set alerts when a vehicle goes out of certain boundaries or exceeds set speeds, and more.

How will the information provided by GPS vehicle locators save my business money?

Improve vehicle routing: By taking more direct routes your drivers will eliminate countless hours of wasted drive time and wasted gas.

Improve dispatching: Utilize vehicles in the field better for change orders or new client requests, by understanding which vehicle is the closest and can be the first responder. Understand which employees are inefficient or just stealing company time: By having undeniable facts about employee performance you will be able to correct or weed out employees who are costing you the most.

Improve driving practices: By bringing attention to problem areas you can easily address them. This information can also be used to raise the bar, set new standards of performance, and introduce incentives to drivers who perform the best.

Studies show that drivers who know their actions are being tracked are 10x less likely to break the rules or misuse company property. Asset protection & theft recovery: Being able to quickly react to a theft can be the difference in limiting damages and recovering your property.

Are GPS vehicle locators difficult to install?

It depends on which device you are installing. Some GPS vehicle locators such as the VLS500 Vehicle Tracking System are literally plug and play. Simply plug the device into your vehicles OBDII Port and you are done. Other devices require a higher level of technical proficiency. Contact a Live View GPS professional at 1-888-544-0494 to find out what is required to install your GPS vehicle locator.

Is the software that is used to track GPS vehicle location our responsibility to maintain?

No. The system that supports your GPS vehicle locators is hosted by Live View GPS and available to you via any computer with an internet connection. This service model, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS) completely eliminates your need to download and maintain software. It also allows Live View GPS to continually offer enhanced services at no additional cost to you!